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Can I use my own device? I can buy the same unit from x/y/z cheaper!
Last Updated a year ago

Firstly, we are aware that in some cases the tracker hardware we use is available elsewhere, sometimes cheaper. However there are differences you can't see. We work with industry partners and use off the shelf hardware for many devices but in all cases these units are running our software.

Our back end only allows access to devices we sell and that are on our network. As an extra hurdle each device must pass a 'login'. This is done to make sure that the network the system runs on is virtually walled off from the outside world and is secure and safe. We also know where data flows to and from with both the server and tracker locked to settings we have arrived at, third party trackers from unknown sources may (and many DO) share your data with other organisations. This security is provided using unique identifiers from the device and SIM with the latter being provided by our network provider. There is no way to provide either of these from a third party device or SIM.

Because of this we do not support the use of any hardware we did not supply or have not expressly given permission to use our network.

Secondly, we have full control of the supply chain of all our devices, see above for why this is important. Our devices are purchased direct from the manufacturer and are shipped from ourselves, they cannot be tampered with or modified and leave our offices running new firmware we have placed on them. We also perform additional QA on all devices that leave our offices.

If you have one of our devices that has been unlocked please be aware this is a one way process and these units cannot be reconnected to our network.

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