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My device has a SIM slot, can I use my own SIM?
Last Updated about a month ago

Although your device does indeed use a SIM you cannot easily change this. If you beleive the SIM to be broken or damaged then please contact support.

Caveat - Read to the end....

The SIMs we use are specific to each device and to our platform, for security reasons ONLY SIMs that we have authorised can access our servers. On top of this SIMs not on our provider's network cannot access our systems either.

Your subscription covers the cost of this SIM and at a price far lower than is commonly available with special arrangements made by our provider for coverage. In short, you won't get the same coverage for the same price as the SIM that's installed in your unit.

Unlike the competition you do actually own your device. If you are thinking of not renewing and want to move to using your own services we may be able to help. A number of our trackers use off the shelf hardware running our firmware. If you wish to leave and want to know if we can revert your tracker to the original software let us know and we may be able to 'unlock' your device. However you will need our SIM in the unit and an active subscription for this to work.

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