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How do I access remote support?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you have been asked by us for remote access to your machine you will need to take a few steps before continuing. But first please verify that you are genuinely speaking to one of our operatives.

Unless you are expecting us to call you and ask for remote access we will not call out of the blue. For larger sites we generally do not need to

We ONLY use Splashtop. Unless we are having issues with your computer we will never use another method or ask you to download anything else.

We do not operate call centres. If your call seems to originate from a call centre it isn't us.

If you have any doubts please discontinue the call and call us. Our operatives will have no problems with you checking.

To access the remote access service you will need to download a small program. In the address bra of your browser type or you can click the link itself.

You'll see a screen similar to below...

Once the program downloads, click the download and allow it to run. you may have to give it permission. If you are on a corporate network you may need someone with admin rights to do this.
Once it is complete you'll be given a nine digit number. Before you goo any further make sure anything you consider confidential or sensitive is closed. Once you have done that you may give the code to the operative.
You may be asked for further permission and once this is done the operative will be able to access your machine as if they were sat with you. please do not touch the mouse or keyboard unless asked to do so. Normally the operative will require you to stay with the PC but in some exceptional cases the operative may say you can go about your business. This is the exception rather than the rule and you can stay with the computer if you would rather.

If you have concerns at any time you can hit the disconnect button and end the session.

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