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How do I add a user?
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Adding users to your account allows you to divide your trackers and fleet so that those responsible for a group can only see what you need them to see and allows all those that need to to have their own login customised to what they need rather than sharing a login. For example a dispatch manager could see all your vans, but not your personal company cars where as a director could see the lot. This is accomplished using users and groups, we will only touch on the user section here.

Not all accounts allow you to add your own users, this is a chargeable option and you'll need to check if you have this enabled on your subscription. Log in and then click the cog icon on the top right...

If the option shown in red is shown you can continue.

Clicking users will show all your users as well as your own...

If you click + you can add a new user...


The first three fields MUST be filled in. Enter the user's name, their email account and a password. Please pick a strong password for your new user and avoid anything that has relevance to your name, company name or line of business. Remember anyone that can log into this will know where your trackers are!

If this is all you want to do then you can click the tick and save. This user won't be able to do much but you can add them to groups etc so they can view trackers. If you want to control things a little more you have two more sets of options, all of this is optional though.

Phone allows you to set a contact phone number for this user.

map layer chooses the map layer they will use, they can change this personally but this allows you to set your preferred default. not all layers are available.

You can set their default Long and Lat here, this is where the default view will be when they log in. Zoom specifies the zoom level at this location.

12 Hour sets the time format and Coordinates format sets the lat/long format. The defaults here should be fine. POI Layer is used directly by Calisto CAD and should not be altered.

Clicking Permissions will display further options...


Disabled will turn this user off. If you are providing this login to a third party, eg for event or journey tracking this can be handy to save recreating it every time you need it.

Admin will allow them to make all the changes you can, use carefully.

Read-only means that they cannot change anything, just as it says on the tin. Device Read-only means that they cannot make changed to devices but CAN change other setting like Geofences, drivers, maintenance records etc.

Limit commands is not used, leave this set as 0. Commands are sent to devices via the management portal not from the Traccar UI.

Expiration is the date that this login will stop working, again useful if you want to provide single device or event tracking to third parties.

Device Limit is not used, this is set in the Calisto management portal as no users can add devices.

User Limit allows this user to create further users. We would advise this is set to 0 and all users are created by one manager. If you require an account promoted to a manager please contact us. You can do it, it's just not a great idea.

Token is used only if a map layer requires an API token. You can provide it here.

Click the check mark when you are done and now you have a nice shiney new user. If you login now this user will have no devices shown, you now need to assign this user devices and/or groups. You will have at least one default group containing all your devices, along the top of the user screen are a number of options...


From left to right we have...
Add a user, we have done this already.
Edit a user, this is where you can go back in and make changes.
Delete a user, this allows you to remove a user.
Geofences, this allows you to pick the Geofences this user can see and have applied to them.
Devices, this allows you to set what devices the user can see, we will cover this in a second.
Groups, this allows you to select which groups a user can see, again, we will cover this shortly.
Notifications, allows you to set which notifications will be available to this user
Calendars, allows you to set which calendars will be available to this user
Attributes, allows you to set which notifications will be available to this user
Drivers, allows you to set which drivers will be available to this user
Saved Commands aren't used by the Traccar UI
Maintenance, allows you to set which maintenance settings are available to this user.

Some of these settings may or may not be available depending on your subscription level.

So we want to give our user access to some devices. We can do this two ways depending on what we want to achieve and how fine grained we want to be. We won't cover group setup here but we will assume you have your default group available to you. A device can only belong to one group so while they are great for adding one collection of trackers, they aren't so good for fine grained control. So we will show both ways to do on it. We have some test trackers setup in our group as well as our default groups. So let's add just one tracker to this user. Click the devices button...


For each device you simply add a check mark. This list will only show devices that the user can see from their group membership, you set this when you created the user. Click the X when done. So if we checked TD09 and left it that way this is the only tracker the user would see. Groups work exactly the same way...

You can mix and match, so using our example. We have a bunch of trucks and personal company cars. Our dispatch manager needs to see all the trucks and we would let him see his car too. You would create his account with access to your main group and create a sub group for your trucks. Using the groups above, you'd only give him access to the trucks group, then using device, only allow him to see his car in the main group.

We will gradually touch on the other options available over time but this covers user creation and management.

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