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Can I use my office desk phone from home?
Last Updated 8 months ago

You may be able to use your Grandstream desk phone from home.

This is an optional configuration and it is not set up by default. Please check with your customer service representative to see if it is enabled and if it can be if not.

At home your phone will behave exactly as it does on your desk, however there are some important caveats and things you need to note. These will be covered below along with possible resolutions and work arounds. Please note we cannot provide support for your service provider's equipment or your broadband line, you will need to contact them for further assistance if required.

To use your phone you will require a power supply as most desk phones draw power from the network. We supply these with every new phone so you may need to ask your employer where your power supply is if it is not attached to the phone. Once you have both you will need to attach this power supply and then a network cable between your router's LAN ports to the phone's LAN socket.

If you wish you may connect your PC or Laptop to the phone's PC socket. This may give you a better connection than WiFi.

Your phone cannot operate over WiFi. Although it can be done in strictly controlled commercial environments, this is not suitable for home use and your phone does not support WiFi use.

After a minute or two your phone should boot and the label showing your name should turn green. If it does not, here are some things you can try...

Phone does not connect:

Reboot the phone. Excessive connection failures will cause the phone to stop trying to connect. Power cycle the phone by removing the power supply, counting to ten then re-installing it.

Reboot your router, especially with older Virgin Media devices. If you have a SuperHub 2 it should be replaced. Allow your router to reboot then power cycle the phone by removing the power supply, counting to ten then re-installing it.

Check your cables. Your cable must go from one of the LAN network sockets on your router to the LAN socket on the phone. Some routers may have a separate port marked WAN, this cannot be used. Likewise the socket marked PC on the phone can only be used to plug in a PC.

Check your workplace is not experiencing broadband issues. Problems at your office may cause your phone to disconnect. Wait until these issues are resolved.

Call Quality Issues:

In your office the network is configured to make sure that priority is given to phone traffic. At home this is not the case. If you have issues with calls dropping, choppy sound or calls where the person calling cannot hear you, or you them this is the result of issues with your broadband connection...
  • Ask other users in the house using streaming or gaming services to stop whilst you are using the phone.
  • Check your PC and any others for instances of Drop box that may be synchronising

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